Reykjavik Part I

As the plane cruised in, lands coated in pure white came into the frame of the window. Iceland! Its a number one on my travel list for such a long time and though short, it was definitely a fulfilling trip. Its something magical about Iceland, not just the artists or the icons, but the people, the community, and of course, the nature. 

I begin to really understand the importance of a community through witnessing life in Reykjavik. It is through our community that we thrive both physically as well as spiritually. Staying at the iconic Kex Hostel, was one of 'YOLO' (you only live once) - 'hipsterish' aura, yet an iconic place which hosts many radio/streams of music concerts by famous Icelandic musicians, of which I usually see the furnishings in the background of the videos.

Lots of community events are being held throughout the year, concerts, exhibitions, festivals even just parties, at various unique venues throughout Reykjavik. Its not about the frequency of these events, but its the spirit that the community adopts towards these events as a whole that is really enriching for both the artist as well as the viewer/audience. Currently the DseignMarch event/festival is taking place!


I got to witness the release concert of Víkingur Ólafsson's Philip Glass CD! It was hypnotising as well as mesmerising. Finely controlled, tastefully paced, yet intricately beautiful. Just the rousing atmosphere of the entire Harpa was such a fiery warmth, not to mention the entire Iceland cheering Víkingur on!

Some of the foods we ate:

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