GLOMUS Camp 2017

Bridging Cultures Through Collaboration and Co-creation

Spirit of GLOMUS: I touched down after over 31 hours of travelling from Rome (Italy) to Natal (Brazil), and after a couple hours of rest I was scooted on the bus to the Escola de Música da UFRN (UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO GRANDE DO NORTE). What I did not expect to feel was a sense of overwhelming positivity and joy.

There were people of all ages, a wide variety of races and backgrounds, permeating a sense of camaraderie where you felt like there were no barriers except language, but everyone was beaming with positivity, the hunger to learn and be part of new experiences. It is not something that is outwardly spectacular, but subtly, it was indeed an emotionally moving experience to be part of a group of people who embodied and lived the Spirit of GLOMUS.

Throughout the 10 days I was in GLOMUS, we worked with artists from varying backgrounds; musicians (across all genres), dancers, choreographers, actors, directors, teachers, leaders, as well as a local touch of Brazilian flavour from the students/teachers at the university and the community of Natal.

We created projects in various small groups as well as large groups. Through the process we learnt about the socio-cultural issues of arts in our society, as well as the impact arts plays on the individual and the community. We also had a glimpse into how other genres and disciplines worked, their creative processes and thoughts.

It was a humbling and inspiring experience to share my own music with GLOMUS. I performed Aphelion – For solo viola and electronics, a piece I created in the last year.


aphelion |apˈhiːlɪən| noun (plural aphelia |apˈhiːlɪə| ) Astronomy
the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun: Mars is at aphelion.


GLOMUS camp 2017 was an invaluable experience to learn from all the participants (leaders, teachers and students), each of them were all immensely talented in their own ways, and uniquely individual. It is through this first hand experience of connecting with these individuals and participating in the various Officinas, presentations, forums, and performances that gained us an insight that was possible only through such an experience.

Mervin WongComment