I feel that at this point of time, there needs to be more focus in what I am doing. To get at whats needs to be done, what needs to be worked on, leaving the fluff and the unnecessary behind. Though I am just entering into the world of photography, I feel I have many things which I want to express as well as to say, through my photos. Practice, Practice, and Practice. 

I feel that my creative collective has recently found this stream of 'flow' where I'm just in-the-zone. There's so much in my viola playing that I'm 'stumbling upon' too, as well as developing. The two worlds of music and photography just co-relate so much in my sub-conscious that I don't know how to explain it in words. The two inspire each other and are interdependent. That's just how I can put it at this point of time.

I would say that in both disciplines, I am still finding my style, my voice. What's so exciting is that there is still this world of discovery out there (in music, as well as in photography), that just inspires me so much. There is the danger of 'exploring way too much in the wrong direction', or obsessing over something. That's just my character. 

Mervin WongComment